About VS

‘I was inspired by memories from my past, keeping them alive without knowing my way, until in 2014, after endless searching, I found my passion and

After a turbulent childhood in Northern Transylvania, Veroniqué Salagean made a remarkable journey to finally arrive in England. She found her love of turban-making and her desire to create her own exclusive range of turbans. Then followed a year of dedication and effort before her ambition could be realised, in 2015, ‘out of a love,’ the VS was born. Veroniqué defines her work as a ‘Journey to Grace’.

‘ l like to call myself a Turban Creator because each one has a drop of my Aura, and where carpets will be Laid Down and Doors will Open. The draping brings a uniqueness from one to another. Every style defines a different World with a new story.

I want the VS Ladies to feel the honour and grace by wearing them. I  introduce an exquisite article in Style Statement: the VS Turban. ’

  With Admiration,
Veroniqué Salagean